Weber Sober Homes was founded in 2009 as an LLC under the Weber Addiction Group. In 2020 the Weber family dissolved the LLC and moved the homes into the Community Foundation of Carroll County.

This took them from a privately run corporation to a non-profit board run sober living community. 

Mission Statement.

 Weber Sober Homes primary purpose is to provide sober living in a safe, substance-free recovery residence for all guest to live and thrive in early recovery. We offer a structured safe home-like atmosphere, full of support for men learning to live life without the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Founded by the Weber Family in 2009. The homes are still operated with the same compassion and dedication the original founder operated them.

For information on Weber Sober Homes email is at [email protected] or call 301-418-3750

Donation can be made here:

Pictured: Joey V House of WSH.